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Meet the Duderia

Marco Wehe designed and shaped 'The Dudeism Lifestyle Guide' as part of the Web Portal assignment. The term Duderia that is used on the website is representative for Marco Wehe. Further, Duderia is a fun term for 'Dude-Portal-Operator'.

Please contact the Duderia if you have any comments, ideas or suggestions:

Marco Wehe (The Duderia)

Email: marco_wehe@web.de
ICQ: 73514410
Website: www.marcowehe.com


This project filled the Duderia with great enjoyment, which was largely supported by friends of the Duderia. Those Dudes gave the Duderia constructive criticism. Further, this enjoyment led to the decision to give 'The Dude Lifestyle Guide' an appropriate Domain-Name. Therefore, www.Dudeism.org was registered on the 1 May. So, watch out for itů

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