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Dudeism Philosophy

Please note that this philosophy should be seen as a help to succeed in a Dude Lifestyle, instead of considering it a strict rule.

Dudeism is not a religion or cult; it is simply a style of life. Dudeism is open to individuals of every ethnical or cultural background, as long as these people are cool and chilled.

Followers of a Dude Lifestyle are called 'Dudes'. A real Dude does only accept a dudish name that has to include the term Dude somewhere. These Names could be:

  • Dude
  • Dudette
  • Duder
  • Dudeishy
  • Dudester
  • Dudeisimo
  • His/Her Dudeness
  • El Duderino

Only a few people have succeeded so far in becoming THE Dudes. The greatest Dude in the Dudeism history is THE Dude Lebowski. Many of his wise doings were affecting dudeism to a great deal. However, he is not a messiahs or leader. He is just THE Dude. His Dudeness helped to set Dudeism in motion and showed new ways in living a dude life. Therefore, this website is honouring him a special part of the Famous Dudes section.

To join Dudeism there is no official procedure; neither the non-dude has to become a member of any guild or cult etc. It is even possible to be a Dude without knowing it, because it is simply a way of life. However, you can become an official recognized Dude by registering with the Dudeism Organisation.

To be a part of dudeism you simply have to follow the Dude Rules. These regulations just stress the dudeness every Dude should show. The only events a dude is upset about are uncool situations; these uncool conditions will be explained later.

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