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Dude Beine


  1. Every Dude has to accept non-dudes and any other lifestyle, culture, cult or religion.
  2. Dudes can have any culture, cult or religion, as long as these not affect the Dudes coolness.
  3. To be upset or angry is uncool and should be kept to a minimum. Uncool anger should only be applied if there is serious reason for it.
  4. Revenge does not exist for a dude. It is only allowed to question non-dudes about uncool things they have done. Dudes can never be questioned about uncool things, because with the moment something uncool was done the Dude looses the allowance to name him/herself Dude.
    The only exception for this is anger about an other uncool event.
    The Dude status can only be regained after the non-dude showed great dudeness. This great dudeness is to resist an uncool event and to stay chilled.
  5. Every Dude should like Bermuda shorts, flip-flops and Hawaiian shirts. However, there is no restriction to wear these all the time. It is recommended to wear the dude kit as it supports the dudeness in every dude.
  6. All Dudes should like Bowling and the sound of it. These sounds can be recorded or live. Bowling is the biggest source of dudeism. One game can provide a dude for more than a week with the needed chillness.
  7. Dudes should go regularly Bowling, whereby the score each team member achieves is not important. The bowling hall is the only place where the flip-flops will be swapped for bowling shoes.
  8. If some strangers piss on a dudes carpet this should not be reason for uncool anger, but a Dude should show great effort to regain a new carpet from the culprit. This effort should however, be within the limits of the Dudes doable activities.
  9. When a dude's car explodes in front of him or her, there is no reason for anger, a real Dude walks.
  10. No dude should have a shave more than once a week. A person that goes to the effort of shaving daily is not chilled enough.
  11. A Dude's time should be spent to 99% on pleasure. Each dude can define what pleasure is individually.
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