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Dude Beine

Uncool Stuff:

To show anger as described in point III is only allowed under the following circumstances.

  1. No Dude should be concerned about weather another Dude does wear the Dude kit or not. If a Dude has a problem with your kit this would be uncool and can give reason for anger.

  2. To get ash of a dead friend blown into a dude's face is uncool and can give reason for short anger. Ash of people the affected Dude did not know is okay and an exception of uncool stuff.

  3. Calling another Dude by his or her forename and surname is uncool. Calling a Dude Mr., Mrs. or any other formal appellations is the highest level of uncoolness. After such an uncool happening it is possible to explain the non-dude in an angry fashion that your preferred name Dude is.

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