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The Dudes

Meet the other Dudes! In some days you will find here a search option to search through our gigantic database.

Where do you go today?

Don't know yet? That is the correct answer, just chill and join the Dudeism Organisation!

One does not join the Dudeism Lifestyle, as it is a free thing. This is described in more detail in the Philosophy. However, you can join the Dudeism Organisation and become an official member! This way you can get into touch with other Dudes. You will also be invited to annual Dude meetings which take place in two countries at the moment, those are England and Germany.

If you can organise enough members in your country the Organisation will be more than happy to sponsor your party with free second hand Bermuda shorts!

Just download the form in a rich text format and send it back to the duderia@dudeism.org.

Every new member will get some funky flowers to add to their Flip-Flops!

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