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El Dudie

El Dudie

Location: London / UK
Dude since: 1999
Languages: English but also expert in various slang's from the UK and America.
Formal Dude: James »the Dude« Thorne


Email: IMjamesHI@btinternet.com
ICQ: 317412054
MSN: Brunelman@hotmail.com
AIM: IMjamesHI2001
Yahoo: -
Website: www.DeJavu.com


2 pairs, one cheap plastic pair, pink with flowers on top, one brown walking pair.

Hawaiian Shirts:

I believe that only a shirt bought by you in Hawaii can be called an Hawaiian shirt, so until I go I cannot claim to own a Hawaiian shirt. But I do have a number of equally cool shirts.

Bermuda Shorts:

Read my answer above, but I do own a number of pairs for lazing around the house in. I always always wear casual stuff, jeans, t shirts, shorts, you can never find me in anything but these.

Sun Chair / Hammock:

Chair, but the ground will do.

Dude Phrase:

»Everyone needs belief in something. I believe I'll have another beer.«

Favourite Dude Relaxations:

Laying down either on bed or a patch of grass.

Special Dudeie Stuff:

Cool T Shirts

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