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Dude Beine
El Duderino

El Duderino

Location: London / UK
Dude since: 2000
Languages: German / English / + Multilingual Mumbleish
Formal Dude: Marco »The Dude« Wehe


Email: duderia@dudeism.org
ICQ: 73514410
MSN: -
AIM: -
Yahoo: -
Website: www.marcowehe.com


One lovely old pair

Hawaiian Shirts:

Some in blue and bright orange. The orange shirts look cool but in summer you have many bees following you around - but a real Dude doesn't mind.

Bermuda Shorts:

Some shorts, not exactley from Bermuda, but still short. Some are also extremely wide. But nothing in orange :(

Sun Chair / Hammock:

Two Hammocks, one in London and one at my sommer residence in Germany ;)

Dude Phrase:

»Let's Go Bowling...«

Favourite Dude Relaxations:

I love to look, with closed eyes, into the sun. You should do it as long as possible. I usually do it for five hours. The most dudeie part about this is to watch how the colours change.

Special Dudeie Stuff:

Father Dude owns his own bowling alley

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