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Dude Beine


Location: Wolfhagen / Germany
Dude since: 2001
Languages: German, English, French
Formal Dude: Tobias the Duder George


Email: tgeorge@gmx.de
ICQ: 66645116
MSN: tobbi_g@hotmail.com
AIM: -
Yahoo: -


Birkenstocks, that's enough =:)

Hawaiian Shirts:

I love t- and sleeveless-shirts!

Bermuda Shorts:

Got some normal shorts and they render their service..too lazy to go shopping but I'm trying..;)

Sun Chair / Hammock:

I've put up a hammock across my room and love to swing while i'm listening to my favourite music :D i need no sunchair because i prefer resting on the ground

Dude Phrase:

»Keep on chillin'«

Favourite Dude Relaxations:

Stuff around on a couch or whatever..grass..you know

Special Dudeie Stuff:

A Flex cap and a Bandana (as seen above) because I prefer wearing one of them if I was too sluggish to comb my hair.

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