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Baloo the bear leaning against a palm

The Dude Baloo

A lovely Dude

The Dude Baloo is a big, lovely, lazy bear.

One of his favourite relaxation activities is to eat honey and, of course, to chill!

The Dude is a master in sleeping everywhere and anywhere. When he needs some stretching, after a couple of days of dozing, the dude enjoys rubbing his bottom against a palm, tree or stone. Well... he really uses anything he can find. Therefore, be careful if you see the Duder when he needs to massage his bottom!

The Dude stayed cool in most situations, but if he sees something uncool in the jungle going on, he usually manages to talk the problem out of the world.

If you think - "I do scratch my bottom; why am I not a Famous Dude?". Let the Duderia explain you why.

The Dude was always keen on bringing Dudeism to the world. As a result he decided in the 80s to pull of a deal with Dude Disney, or Dudesny, how he was called in insider circles. The deal, a cartoon which aimed on young people. The animation was called jungle book and featured the little boy Mogli as the main character.

The main story included the Dude Baloo trying to convince Mogli living Dudeism. The boy was very nervous and hyperactive before the training, but thankfully dudeism had a very positive effect on the little boy!

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